Public Notice


Good Morning,

Unfortunately, due to the Governor's announcement tightening restrictions on indoor gatherings, we are unable to accommodate in-person public attendance at the special board meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 5pm to present and discuss the restart and recovery plan to open schools. As a result, you will need to access the meeting either through the WebEx link HERE or call in via phone to (408) 418-9388 with access code 129 416 4137. We are truly saddened that we cannot field your questions in person as we had hoped, particularly to finally introduce families to our new Superintendent Danielle Sochor, but our hands are tied on such short notice with these new restrictions. 

We will start the meeting by presenting the PowerPoint presentation attached, and we have also attached the instructional schedule and plan summary that were previously sent for your convenience. We ask that you join us for the meeting to hear the presentation, and then we will send a message out here with a link to a live document where you will be able to enter any remaining questions you have for us to address. We will answer them in order, as well as type the response under the question so that you can both hear and read the questions and answers. We are committed to getting through all of the questions and concerns you may have tomorrow and will do our best to do so to your satisfaction. As always, any questions you may have both leading up to and after tomorrow's meeting can also be directed to the Superintendent, Board Office, or your child's Principal and someone will respond via email or phone call. 

Again, we apologize for not being able to conduct this meeting in the manner that we had hoped, but we look forward to hearing from you all tomorrow evening nonetheless. Thank you!

Bellmawr PPT.pdf 

Instructional Schedule Options-Bellmawr School District.pdf

Bellmawr School District Restart and Recovery Plan Summary.pdf