Mr. Reilly's Counseling Page

Update from Mr. Reilly -  Week of March 23rd through March 27th 

Hello students and parents, I'm excited to remain connected with you during this period of remote learning.  Do I miss my students?   

That's a BIG 

I do miss ALL of you and can't wait till I see all of you again back at Burke!!  In the mean time, I will do weekly updates to my web page and also drop in a video or two for you to watch.  These videos are short but very important learning lessons for everyone - young and old.  So please stay on top of your school work, stay safe and clean (wash your hands often please) and know that you can get a hold of Mr. Reilly at my email address : 
It's very important that you make sure Mom and Dad or your guardian knows that you are emailing me.  Sometimes it's even smarter to let them email me for you and then I can set up a way to contact you.  This way everyone knows what's going on!  

Videos to watch:  


Hope to see you all very soon.....     Mr Reilly



Dear Parents,

Please be advised that during our district shutdown I will be available to you for counseling services on a limited basis.  If a situation arises in which you feel your child needs consultation with me, please contact me via email (  I will be checking daily.

I will set up with you a specific time in which I will call to have a telephone session with your child.  This isn't the most ideal of situations, but it will serve as our best option during this unusual time. 

Please stay safe and healthy!


Brian Reilly

The counselors in the Bellmawr school district are available to help you and your child have a successful school year. School counselors work with parents and students in different ways through a program of many services. Each service is aimed at helping students learn and develop to their highest potential. Some of these services are:

• Groups to help children cope with difficult life events or to help them develop positive peer relationships

• Individual sessions to help children academically or with personal concerns

• Classroom lessons to deliver important information to students

• Parent and teacher consultations as necessary to work together to help the student

We look forward to collaborating with you to help your student succeed! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Mr. Brian Reilly

School Counselor
Ethel M. Burke School
856-931-6362 ext. 3202