Sustainable NJ

Green Team At Bell OAks

Dear Bellmawr Learning Community Member,

I want to tell you about a new initiative the District has begun to explore.  It is Sustainable Jersey for Schools.  This effort is a certification program for public schools that want to go green, conserve resources and take steps to create a brighter future for our students our staff and our community, one school at a time. Let me give you a brief historic timeline of the series of events surrounding SSNJ for Schools.

•6-25-13, Sustainable Jersey and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) announced “Sustainable Jersey for Schools,” 

•7-23-13 over 100 people attended a kick-off meeting at The College of New Jersey where working groups, representing the various partners began to define the program standards and actions that would advance schools toward certification.

10- 28-14 Sustainable Jersey for Schools was launched.

10-19-16 Sustainable Jersey for Schools Bellmawr was launched.

11-14-16 Bellmawr’s Green Team will meet in the Bell Oaks Media Center @ 3:15.

We are engaging in this effort so that we can promote our Schools and District, improve our Schools and District, conserve valuable resources and protect the environment, to save money and to get money in the way of grants, and to gain access to training, tools and expert guidance.

You are all welcome to attend the first general meeting of the Bellmawr District Green Team if you’d like to learn more about what is in store for our schools and our district. But in a nutshell the schools and the district will be engaging in activities surrounding three action areas:

                            PEOPLE        PROSPERITY   PLANET

Our schools and our district are already involved in many of the action step and activities eligible for certification points within this program, like Breakfast after the Bell, Walk to school efforts, wellness activities, green cleaning.  Joining this statewide effort will help position ourselves for be eligible for grants that will further our efforts in leadership, healthy school environments, food and nutrition and student learning.  I hope that as you learn more about Sustainable Jersey for Schools Bellmawr, you will find an area of interest and participate in one of the action steps.  Please do not hesitate to attend the Green Team meeting or to contact me to learn more about our efforts.


Annette Castiglione

November 14 Green Team Minutes District .pdf

Green Team Power Point.pptx