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These are stressful times. Even when not experiencing a global pandemic, nearly half of all teachers say they have?high levels of daily stress. Without tools to manage these feelings, teacher burnout and turnover rates will continue to climb. What can make teaching more sustaining and less draining? Try these approaches to foster work–life balance, build networks of support, and cope with a unique set of stressors.

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Educating students requires teachers to open their hearts and minds, but this process is what makes teachers vulnerable to secondhand effects of trauma. 

Curing burnout starts within. The following steps can normalize self-care.

There are system-level actions that school and district leaders can take to make educators' work less of a grind.

Two long-time educators have field-tested low-cost strategies to soothe stress, help push through tough days, or guide shifts in work-life balance and career.


Resources for the COVID-19 Crisis

As educators across the country navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, ASCD has expert advice on the policy implications of lengthy school closures and resources for online learning, health and safety, and student and educator well-being in these uncertain times. Check out our resources page, and tune in today, March 26 at 3:00 p.m. EST, for a live webinar from ASCD and the CDC on "Leading Schools During the Coronavirus Crisis: Short-Term Steps." Stay tuned for a timely online-only edition of Educational Leadership magazine on remote learning in mid-April.



Although many schools have implemented a trauma-informed approach to caring for students, the emotional distress that educators experience when working with traumatized students is widely overlooked.

To keep from collapsing under pressure, get a grip on your "why."

Demoralization happens when educators face persistent challenges to their professional values.

Model strategies for stress management to prepare students to handle real-world challenges.

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